Balanced coffee beans PERU-MEXICO-CONGO


The aromas and power of the volcanic terroir of Africa's Great Lakes blend beautifully with the sweetness and fine acidity of the coffee trees of Peru's Amazonian foothills.

The Mexican terroir of Alto Chiapas adds complex, fruity notes that give this coffee an ideal balance for everyday coffee.


The motto of the Sol y Café cooperative is "Soy Calidad, Soy Familia". Literally, they are a family. Every employee of the cooperative is either a producer himself or has direct family ties with one of the 1200 member producers. This explains its great transparency and its approach to quality in order to enhance its terroir. The cooperative conducts in-depth research on organic fertilizers, agro-forestry cultivation methods and local plant material in order to propagate the most aromatic and robust varieties in nurseries. A dynamic that we support with a remunerative price. The coffee also comes from the NORANDINO and ORO VERDE cooperatives.

SOPACDI is located in Kivu, a region in the North East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The insecurity, the economic crisis, the displacement of populations following the genocide in Rwanda and the civil war in the DRC over the last 20 years have led to the virtual disappearance of the coffee industry.
Most of the coffee in Kivu is produced by small producers who are under-equipped and have no access to the market. Because they share a unique determination in an area of intense civil war, the producers of SOPACDI are reviving the famous coffee of the Lake Kivu shore, a vintage for lovers of great terroirs.

Majomut means "mockingbirds" in the Tzotzile language, one of the most represented languages in the Chiapas region, north of San Cristobal de las Casas. 
The cooperative brings together 940 families that reflect the richness of local cultures: 85% are Tzotziles, 15% are Celtzoles.
Based on fair trade and with a strong social mobilization, MAJOMUT has promoted programs of improvement and self-construction of housing, production of basic grains, food self-sufficiency, productive organization of women and the creation of a rural microbank.




- Project supported by COOPAC (Rwandan NGO) and Alterfin(link is external) (micro-finance).
- ETHIQUABLE supports SOPACDI with 3 other committed companies, specialists in fair trade: Twin in England, Oxfam in Belgium, Equal Exchange in the USA. 


- Created in 2008 by a few producers
- 12,500 coffee growers
- Women play an important role



- Cooperative created in 2003
- 58 community associations
- 1026 members who grow their coffee in agroforestry



- 1000 families in 35 communities
- Cooperative created in 1983
- Fair trade in 1995, organic in 1995, certified Symbol of Peasant Producers in 2011
- between 1000 and 1700 m of altitude

Organic and fair trade balanced coffee beans

Nutrition declaration exempted


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