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This coffee from Colombia, fair trade and organic, is grown at high altitudes of 1300 to 1900 m. It has great persistence in the mouth. Finely acidic, it offers subtle notes of citrus.


The resistance of the Cauca farmers to the dominant model

The FONDO PAEZ cooperative is reviving the ancient Typica variety, the source of this coffee's acidic flavors. They cultivate coffee under forest cover, without chemicals, on small plots.

The Paez Indian communities live in a mountainous area of the department of Cauca in southwestern Colombia.
From the Spanish conquest centuries ago to the armed conflict that has raged in their territory for the past 40 years, the Paez, who now number only 30,000, have fought for their lives, their land, their culture and their right to self-determination. 
For them, the land represents more than a means of production: it is the terra madre, the goddess of the Earth in the Andean cosmogony.
This minority is still leading a peaceful struggle for the recognition of their culture. This project of marketing fair trade and organic coffee allows them to affirm their cultural identity

ETHIQUABLE, by guaranteeing a remunerative and fair price, allows the FONDO PAEZ to strengthen itself and maintain its ancestral way of cultivation. The cooperative has the means to act as a real lever for development. This Indian community, despite an extremely tense political context, knows and can resist peacefully.

By integrating the "fair trade" sector, FONDO PAEZ has seen an increase in the participation of Indian families within its organization. The resulting increase in income has allowed the families to invest 50% of their profits in improving the conditions of coffee production.



- created in 1992
- 1000 Paez families
- project supported by AFDI 


Departments of Cauca and Huila in the southwest of Colombia located in the central Andes.


- 0.5 to 3 hectares of coffee per producer
- food crops: corn, beans, bananas...


Organic and fair trade coffee beans from Colombia

Nutrition declaration exempted


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