Coffee beans Ecuador 100% Arabica


This coffee from Ecuador, fair trade and organic, is cultivated at a high altitude of 1,000 to 1,500 meters in the Loja region. It offers a beautiful, smooth and balanced harmony, with notes of herbs and brown sugar.


The revival of a rare coffee in an isolated region

With the support of fair trade, the producers have renovated neglected coffee plantations and revealed a rare coffee. They were able to revitalize their region.

In the Loja region of Ecuador, farmers were getting little value for their coffee. Discouraged by the high fluctuations in world prices, they were abandoning their coffee farms. In less than 10 years, with the guarantee of fair and stable prices, the FAPECAFES cooperative has confronted the decline of coffee farming. The work undertaken in their coffee gardens (2 to 5 hectares of plots) has revealed all the qualities of their land. 

FAPECAFES, Federación Regional de Asociaciones de Pequeños Cafetaleros Ecológicos del Sur, has thus revived coffee growing in its region with a process of quality enhancement. Part of a cooperative, PROCAP, the Federation gathers other peasant initiatives from neighboring regions. 

For these isolated peasant families on the western slopes of the Andes, the direct export of quality coffee is a source of pride and recognition of their work. The economic results obtained by FAPECAFES have made it a reference cooperative in Ecuador.

Since 2003, we have supported their vision of agroecology and associated crops and the valorization of their land. Little by little, we have commercialized through fair trade other crops than coffee: plantain chips and peanuts.  



- Puyango region, southern Ecuador
- The FAPECAFES center groups together 5 cooperatives, representing 1,200 small producers.
- Small farmers with 0.5 to 3 hectares of land
- Coffee cultivation associated with cassava, arracacha, plantain, citrus fruits, peanuts...

Organic and fair trade coffee beans from Ecuador

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