ETHIQUABLE shows that it is possible to eat delicious chocolates and to fullfill the highest standards of sustainability. The fair trade label guarantees fair prices, the rights of the small producers and decent working conditions. The organic label protects the Pachamama, your health and that of the producers. 

Our products do not contain artificial colours nor preservatives.

Discover our delicious range of products composed of:

  • Pure origin chocolates which displays the richness of the cocoa terroirs: just like wine, cocoa has its own terroirs and varieties. There are numerous old varieties which the small farmers have managed to preserve and which have specific flavour. The climate, the richness of the soil, farming practices also have a decisive influence on the flavour of the future chocolate.
  • Raw chocolates to celebrate the power of the cocoa :  its taste of strong tannic notes, floral flavours and luscious texture. Its nutrional benefits (anti-oxidant, rich in fibre, in copper and zinc).
  • A diversity of flavours for delicious cocoa combinations and gourmet: Lavish combinations which work wonderfully well with both dark and milk chocolate. The long-standing recipes in our range have now been joined by milk chocolate bars which contain a high percentage of cocoa (42% cocoa = less sugar!). 
  • An intensely and generously crunchy new range of chocolate squares which combines whole dried fruits with an intensely cocoa flavoured chocolate.


European organic farming label    Member of the Belgian Fair Trade Federation  Elue meilleure entreprise du commerce équitable           

We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01