Instant coffee Mexico


An instant arabica coffee that tastes like real coffee. This coffee is coming from Mexico and cultivated in high altitude (from 1000 to 1700 m). It offers a beautiful harmony between acidity and aromatic strength, with a good persistence in the mouth.


Evolving communities

MAJOMUT brings together 1000 families in Alto Chiapas. MAJOMUT means "mockingbirds" in the Tzotzile language, one of the most represented languages in the Chiapas region, north of San Cristobal de las Casas.               
The cooperative brings together 940 families who reflect the richness of local cultures: 85% are Tzotziles, 15% are Celtzoles.

With fair trade and a strong mobilization of its social base, the cooperative impels programs of improvement and self-construction of housing, production of basic cereals, food self-sufficiency, productive organization of women and the creation of a rural microbank.

In order to achieve its mission of improving the living conditions of producer families, MAJOMUT follows "alternative development objectives" as it defines them:

a) Commercialization of coffee directly to export markets, which results in the elimination of intermediary institutions, private or governmental.
b) Process of conversion to organic agriculture, as a social project of protection of the territory, through the conservation of the land to obtain healthy and quality products.
c) Strengthening of the production of food self-sufficiency, with corn fields, collective production of organic vegetables and the creation of a poultry farm.

Their strength comes from the democratic structure of the cooperative, the solidity of the management bodies such as the board of directors that ensures representation with the NGOs and the government or the vigilance council that manages the internal production and quality controls.



- 1000 families in 35 communities
- Cooperative created in 1983
- Fair trade in 1995, organic in 1995, certified Symbol of Peasant Producers in 2011
- Between 1000 and 1700 m of altitude

Organic and fair trade lyophilized arabica coffee 

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We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01