Strong coffee beans 1kg SUMATRA-GUATEMALA-CONGO


The terroirs of three continents combine to give you a full-bodied coffee that will appeal to espresso lovers.

The chocolate and spicy notes of Sumatra blend with the strength and exceptional aromas of Congo and Guatemala to give a full-bodied coffee with moderate acidity.


SOPACDI is located in Kivu, a region in the North East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The insecurity, the economic crisis, the displacement of populations following the genocide in Rwanda and the civil war in the DRC over the last 20 years have led to the near disappearance of the coffee industry.
Most of the coffee in Kivu is produced by small producers who are under-equipped and have no access to the market. Because they share a unique determination in a zone of intense civil war, the producers of SOPACDI are reviving the famous coffee of the Lake Kivu region, a vintage for lovers of great terroirs.

The project with the APODIP cooperative began in 2016 in a difficult context for this group of coffee producers. Their plots had just suffered an attack of rust, a devastating fungus.
APODIP went from a harvest of 8 to 2 containers of green coffee. The cooperative and its members have been hit hard by this dramatic drop. It can no longer sustain itself without diversification.

Years of civil war (1997-2004) ravaged this region, pitting the forces of the central government in Jakarta against the "Free Aceh Movement" (GAM) and forcing many farmers to abandon their land and flee to the nearby city of Medan. After a powerful tsunami struck the coastal region of northern Sumatra in 2014, the most devastating of its kind in modern times, peace agreements were signed, ending a generation of violence and allowing many to return to their land. A first direct election was held in 2006 and a GAM member was elected governor of the province. Permata Gayo was founded in 2006 at this time. It is made up of both native Acehnese and Gayonese families, as well as Javanese families who came to the area as a result of the incentive policies of the central government in the early twentieth century.




- Project supported by COOPAC (Rwandan NGO) and Alterfin(link is external) (micro-finance).
- ETHIQUABLE supports SOPACDI with 3 other committed companies, specialists in fair trade: Twin in England, Oxfam in Belgium, Equal Exchange in the USA. 


- Created in 2008 by a few producers
- 12,500 coffee growers
- Women play an important role



- 350 smallholder farming families in the lush Polochic Valley of southeast Alta Verapaz.
- Some have only coffee, some only cocoa, the rest both. A majority grow cardamom, Guatemala is the world's leading exporter of this spice. 



- Province of Aceh, northwest of the island of Sumatra
- 2,020 members of the cooperative, spread over 35 villages


Organic and fair trade coffee beans from Sumatra, Guatemala and Congo

Nutrition declaration exempted


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