Ethiquable is committed to fair trade practices. The cooperative supports local organisations in the field. It has chosen to work exclusively with organisations of small producers who grow their crops on small plots of land in regions where there is no intensive production of cocoa. This approach, which is the opposite of mass consumption standards, has allowed it to develop and enhance the local cocoas which had been overlooked by the major retail brands. Ethiquable therefore has a clear and ambitious objective: to provide European consumers with high quality chocolate thanks to the use of excellent conching techniques and guaranteed pure
origin cocoa. All of the products are organic and produced under fair trade conditions. Each percentage of cocoa is processed according to its area of origin to delicately reveal its flavours and authenticity.

Over the last fifteen years, Ethiquable, a long-standing fair trade partner working with the countries in the South, has established itself as an actor of reference for organic and fair trade chocolate by introducing a new standard into the retail market: pure origin chocolate. By working directly with the producers’ cooperatives, Ethiquable, which is a cooperative itself, is able to provide a wide range of recipes to reveal the taste and aromatic qualities of their pure origin cocoas. It experiments and innovates with the raw cocoas and regularly proposes new recipes to enable European consumers to discover the wealth of knowledge held by these artisans of taste.

European organic farming label    Member of the Belgian Fair Trade Federation  Elue meilleure entreprise du commerce équitable           

We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01