dark grand cru esmeraldas 80% ecuador

Flavour profile

Sweet, floral notes of honey and dried fruits. The fine reputation of Ecuadorian cocoa is based on the Nacional cocoa bean. It lends its intensity and delicate floral fragrance to this 80% chocolate.

Cooperative's project: conserving the 'nacional' variety and developing an agroforestry system

The province of Esmeraldas is a mangrove and tropical forest zone which is difficult to access and where intensive cocoa farming has never taken place. The 400 producers who are members of the FONMSOEAM cooperative in this region work hard to preserve the Nacional variety, which is threatened with extinction due to the spread of intensive plantations and the introduction of the CCN51 clone, which is highly productive but of a low flavour quality. In 2009, we decided to support FONMSOEAM and set ourselves the joint objective of taking up the challenge to export the cooperative’s cocoa directly. A decent price makes it possible to maintain this rare production system in which cocoa is grown in harmony with the agroforestry system. After six years, thanks to stable prices which are above the market average, the small farmers have been able to invest to develop their crops. As well as building nurseries to propagate the best specimens, the small farmers’ organisation is now engaged in other actions, such as the coppicing and grafting of the cocoa trees and controlled bean fermentation, to give value to this exceptional pure origin product.


This ancient variety produces a refined chocolate with a unique floral flavour.

Natural environment

Mangroves and coastal tropical forest - 3500 mm of rain - Cocoa trees under a forest canopy.


100% Nacional cocoa


Short three-day fermentation in centralised units located at the cooperative.

In Esmeraldas, in areas of mangrove swamps and forests that are difficult to access, FONMSOEAM preserves the Nacional cocoa, an ancient variety that is not very productive but has a unique floral aroma.  
A remunerative price maintains this rare production system where cocoa farming is in harmony with the forest ecosystem.
The cocoa in this tablet also comes from the cooperatives UOPROCAE, UNOCACE, UROCAL, APEOSAE in Ecuador.

cocoa paste°* from Ecuador 70%, cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*.
Cocoa: 80% minimum in the chocolate. 
°From organic farming (100%). 
*From fair trade (100% of total weight with 89% SPP). 
May contain traces of nuts, milk and gluten. 

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 2525 kJ (610 kcal)
Fat: 49g (saturated fatty acids: 29g) 
Carbohydrates: 28g (sugars: 19g) 
Dietary Fiber: 10g 
Protein: 9.9g 
Salt: 0g


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