dark grand cru m'brimbo 74% ivory coast

Flavour profile

Intense chocolate and cocoa. This 74% chocolate conveys the strength and the intense chocolate taste of Ivorian beans.

Cooperative's project: creating the country's first organic cocoa and encouraging the emergence of small farmers' terroir

For many years, the Ivory Coast has been driven by the sole objective of being the world’s leading supplier of cocoa (33%). It has focussed on the mass market and has therefore accorded priority to low price, low quality cocoa produced by intensive plantation farming using salaried workers. Cocoa farming is the main focus of the economic and political challenges which have a huge impact on the farmers’ living conditions. Ethiquable has been working with the SCEB since 2010. This project has also been supported by a local NGO. This is the first Ivorian cocoa cooperative in which the producers have all been awarded organic certification and whose beans are traceable from the cooperative to the bar of chocolate. The price paid for their products is considerably higher than the national rate and this enables them to make investments to produce real quality beans and generate a real added value for their product. The volumes of the collections have multiplied eightfold in 7 years.


The cocoa beans come from the village of the M’Brimbo producers. They produce an intensely chocolatey cocoa.

Natural environment

Equatorial forest which has been cultivated for 50 years Plantation with no or very little forest cover.


Lower Amazon Amelonados Forasteros hybrids.


Five days heap fermentation on banana leaves on the small plots.


In Ivory Coast, cocoa is at the center of major issues.
However, 64 producers are inventing a new model with the support of ETHIQUABLE. It is the first Ivorian organic cocoa cooperative.
With a fair price, this land offers a great vintage with an intense chocolate taste.

cocoa paste°* from Ivory Coast 65%, cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*.
Cocoa: 74% minimum in the chocolate. 
°From organic farming (100%). 
*From fair trade (100% of total weight with 89.5% SPP). 
May contain traces of nuts, milk and gluten. 

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 2478 kJ (598 kcal)
Fat: 46g (saturated fatty acids: 27g) 
Carbohydrates: 32g (sugars: 25g) 
Dietary Fiber: 9.5g 
Protein: 9.2g 
Salt: 0.07g


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European organic farming label    Member of the Belgian Fair Trade Federation  Elue meilleure entreprise du commerce équitable           

We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01