dark grand cru sambirano 85% madagascar

Flavour profile

The Sambirano valley provides a delicate and tangy cocoa. At 85%, these beans bring out the citrus notes.

Cooperative's project: helping the small farmers to export directly

Madagascar is ravaged by deforestation, as well as the associated impact of its demographic weight, the need to use wood as a source of heating and the slash and burn cultivation of rice.
Preserving dense fauna and flora is a priority for the 450 members of the LAZAN’NY SAMBIRANO cooperative which Ethiquable has been supporting since 2010. For the very first time in Madagascar, a small farmers organisation is exporting its cocoa directly and is becoming independent in the face of the monopoly of the local collectors. This project, which has been established with Ethiquable, is a concrete expression of a small farmers’ movement which is moving forward and is capable of adding value to its terroir’s products.


The Sambirano valley produces a rare Trinitario cocoa with typical citrus notes.

Natural environment

Humid tropical zone subject to monsoons in the north (2500 mm of rain) - Cocoa trees under a forest canopy


Trinitarios and Criollos introduced in the 19th century


Four-day fermentation in boxes in small centralised units

In 2013, their harvest was recognised as being a Cocoa of Excellence by the International Cocoa Awards.


The 350 members of LAZAN'NY SAMBIRANO cultivate a rare cocoa with typical citrus notes. The project set up with ETHIQUABLE allows this farmers' organization to be independent from the monopoly of the collectors and to draw an autonomous future.

cocoa paste°* from Madagascar 75%, cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*. 
Cocoa: 85% minimum in the chocolate. 
°Ingredients from organic farming (100%). *Ingredients from fair trade (100% of the total weight with 89% SPP).
May contain traces of nuts, milk and gluten.


Average nutritional values for 100g

Energy: 2562 kJ (619 kcal)
Fat: 51.2g (saturated fatty acids: 30.7g) 
Carbohydrates: 23.5g (sugars: 14.4g) 
Dietary fiber: 10.9g 
Protein: 10.6g 
Salt: 0g


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We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01