Decaffeinated Ground Coffee Ethiopia 100% ARABICA


This coffee is decaffeinated without solvents by a process using CO2, which has the quality of fixing the caffeine. The coffee bean keeps all its aromas, but without the caffeine.
This Mocha from Ethiopia is grown in organic agriculture between 1200 and 2200 meters of altitude. It has a light body and a great sweetness with notes of honey and white flowers typical of the Sidamo region.


Strengthened family and rural economies

In southern Ethiopia, our project with the DWFCU cooperative union is to diversify incomes by strengthening the agro-forestry system of coffee farms.

Since 2004, Damota Wolayta Farmers Coop Union (DWFCU) brings together more than 23950 families. Their activities focus on food crops (maize, red beans, teff, etc.) to feed the markets in southern Ethiopia. 3,384 families also harvest the famous mocha on very small plots (less than 0.5 ha) for a low income. Our project with these families is to intensify the coffee gardens with an adapted agro-forestry system: shade trees, pruning of coffee trees, addition of compost, pest management... These gardens will be more productive and will ensure a diversification of income.

Partner since 2019

- Created in December 2003 by 26 grassroots cooperatives in the Wolaita area
- Currently, the number of affiliated grassroots cooperatives is 64
- 23,950 members

Organic and fair trade decaffeinated coffee from Ethiopia

Nutrional declaration exempted


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We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01