Ground coffee Burundi 100% arabica


This Arabica from Burundi is grown organically between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level in the Buyengero region in the south of the country.
Its lively cup gives a mellow body with a beautiful aromatic intensity and notably citrus notes.


More power for the producers

The small coffee producers in Burundi have been left behind by brutal privatization. Fair trade is helping them take back control of the coffee industry. A promising path.

687 small coffee producers run the UMUCO W'IKAWA cooperative in southern Burundi. The income from coffee in the second poorest country in the world makes the difference in the peasant economy. However, the coffee sector was brutally privatized in 2008, leaving its producers dispossessed of their harvest, starting with the coffee cherry washing station, which is now in the hands of private operators. With the support of fair trade, the cooperative has built its washing station. It sells its coffee directly with more added value.

Since the 1950s, colonial logic has made Burundi one of the main producers of arabica coffee on the continent. To the point that the little red cherry is the country's socio-economic barometer.
Coffee revenues represent 80% of the country's export earnings. 55% of the population, or 750,000 families, more than 4 million people, depend on coffee cultivation, the majority of whom are small farmers.
Nearly two-thirds of Burundians live below the poverty line and 60% are chronically malnourished. For a large part of the population, income from coffee cultivation makes the difference between hunger and food security.


Partner since 2020

- 687 small producers
- Creation of the basic cooperative UMUCO in 2003
- Member of COCOCA, a union of 39 cooperatives spread throughout the country


- Province: Rumonge
- Altitude: 1530-1650 m
- Variety: Arabica bourbon


Organic and fair trade ground coffee from Burundi

Nutrition declaration exempted



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