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This coffee from Colombia, fair trade and organic, is cultivated at high altitudes of 1300 to 1900 meters. It has great persistence in the mouth. Finely acidic, it offers subtle notes of citrus.


The resistance of cauca farmers to the dominant model

COSURCA's coffee farmers defend their land and their organic and peasant farming methods with their traditional varieties.

Since 1993, COSURCA has brought together 1460 vulnerable families in the south of Cauca with very limited access to land (barely 1 ha). This very poor rural area has been very much marked by the fighting between the guerrilla, the army and the paramilitary forces. This context has not diminished the resistance of these farmers. Faced with the model imposed in Colombia of a mass-produced hybrid coffee with an intensive use of pesticides, they claim to maintain their organic coffee plantations under shade. They have also freed themselves from the tutelage of the National Federation to become one of the only peasant organizations to export directly.

The coffee also comes from the FONDO PAEZ cooperative.


Partner since 2016

- Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca created in 1993.
- 300 vulnerable families with very limited access to land (barely 1ha).
- Very poor rural area, very marked by the fighting between the guerrilla, the army and the paramilitary forces.
- Association supported by the United Nations to fight against coca production. Named by the UN as the best practice to overcome the Colombian conflict.


Partner since 2008

- Created in 1992
- 1000 Paez families
- Project supported by AFDI 


Departments of Cauca and Huila in southwestern Colombia, located in the central Andes.

Peasant agriculture

0.5 to 3 hectares of coffee per producer
Food crops: corn, beans, bananas...


Organic and fair trade ground coffee from Colombia

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