Ground coffee Congo 100% arabica


This coffee from Lake Kivu is fair trade and organically grown at an altitude of 1450 to 2000 meters. It has a nice balance between body and acidity. It remains soft with notes of yellow fruits and nuts.


The rebirth of a great terroir

Because they share a unique determination in an area of intense civil war, the producers are reviving the famous Lake Kivu coffee, a vintage for lovers of great terroirs.

The volcanic highlands on the shores of Lake Kivu in eastern DR Congo are home to a coffee terroir renowned for its generous aromas. An almost permanent civil war for 20 years has not been able to overcome the common vision of the 11,000 small farmers of SOPACDI. Their motto: coffee is our future. And for good reason: almost abandoned, the cultivation of coffee has regained its rights through conviction, technical support and the support of several companies involved in fair trade in Europe.

The coffee also comes from the CPNCK cooperative.

SOPACDI, partner since 2013

- Project supported by COOPAC (Rwandan NGO) and Alterfin (micro-finance)
- ETHIQUABLE supports SOPACDI with 3 other committed companies, specialists in fair trade: Twin in England, Oxfam in Belgium, Equal Exchange in the USA. 


- Created in 2008 by a few producers
- 12 500 coffee growers
- Women play an important role

CPNCK, partner since 2018

- Supported by the NGO 
- Producers who are taking the coffee industry back into their own hands


Organic and fair trade ground coffee from Congo

Nutrition declaration exempted


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We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01