A little taste of childhood for this crispy and very greedy recipe. To melt without hurting yourself, this organic and fair trade tablet has a milk chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa: 42% cocoa, that's less sugar!


A common interest and real solidarity

Santiage Paz is one of the small producers leaders of the NORANDINO cooperative. For him, fair trade is an alliance of solidarity and a trusting relationship between the producers and ETHIQUABLE.

Santiago Paz, is one of the farmer leaders of the NORANDINO cooperative. He has been involved with ETHIQUABLE since 2003. Fair trade," he explains, "makes it possible to establish other types of relationships between producers and their partners: relationships of trust and common interest. This concrete solidarity that we experience with ETHIQUABLE, is based on a close and direct link, a mutual understanding."

Cane sugar°*, whole milk powder°, cocoa butter°*, cocoa paste°* from Peru 16,8%, shortbread biscuit°* 10% (wheat flour°, butter°, cane sugar°* from Peru, honey°*, soya flour°, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, cinnamon°*, nutmeg°, Bourbon vanilla sugar°*) and vanilla extract°*.
42% minimum of cocoa in the chocolate
°From organic farming (100%).
*From fair trade: 71% with 68% certified Symbole des Producteurs Paysans).


Average nutritional values for 100g

Energy: 2392kJ (574kcal)
Fat: 38.5g (Saturated fatty acids: 23.2g)
Carbohydrates: 46.3g (Sugars: 40.1g)
Dietary fiber: 2.7g
Protein: 9.3g
Salt: 0.3g



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