Over the last 15 years, Ethiquable has developed its expertise to provide support to small farmers’ initiatives to meet with the producers’ real needs. It supports their development by providing:


To protect them from market fluctuations and to encourage agroecological intensification. A decent price to develop both the quality and the sustainability of the cocoa. We currently buy our (organic and fair trade) cocoa for around $4,000 to $4,400 per tonne, although this may vary according to the origin and quality of the cocoa, compared to the market price of $2,000 to $2,200 (average price in 2017 and 2018). These prices, which are agreed with the organisations, cover the production costs, provide a
stimulus for further development and “reward” the farmers for the intrinsic value of their cocoa beans. Price is a real driver of development!



The sales volumes provided by large retail outlets make it possible to have a real impact on the organisations and to accelerate the process which will make them self-sufficient in the long term.


Ethiquable has seven agronomists who work permanently in the field to provide development advice to the organisations. They often work in partnership with other support bodies such as the NGO, AVSF (Agronomists and Veterinarians sans Frontières) or with local structures. Here are a few examples of what they have been able to achieve in recent years:

  • supported the move to organic certification in the Ivory Coast
  • facilitated access to credit for the collection of cocoa in Madagascar
  • promoted the exchange of practices between cooperatives from different countries

Our products are certified with both fair trade and organic labels.


Fair trade 


The Small Producers’ Symbol, SPP, is a label that represents an alliance among organized small producers to build a local and global market that values the identity and the economic, social, cultural and ecological contributions of products from Small Producers’ Organizations. This alliance is based on a relationship of collaboration, trust and co-responsibility among women and men who are small producers, with buyers and consumers. The SPP is backed by an independent certification system.

The SPP represents the identity of organized small fair trade producers, to distinguish us in local and global markets with our products and values.

The SPP is backed by an independent certification system, guaranteeing consumers that products come from authentic, democratic, self-managing organizations of small producers, and that they have been produced in line with criteria for economic, social, cultural and ecological sustainability, and commercialized under fair conditions.

The SPP is more than a label. It is a particular way of improving prospects for life and well-being through collective, co-responsible work among small producers, consumers and other stakeholders in the market and in society.


European organic farming label    Member of the Belgian Fair Trade Federation  Elue meilleure entreprise du commerce équitable           

We are certified for organic farming by Certisys BE-BIO-01