What we

aim for

Restoring the balance of power amongst producers within agricultural sectors

What we

stand for

Agroecology, agroforestry, and a strong cooperative model

What we


We are active every day on the field amongst producers

What we


Products with a lasting impact for producers, and creating value for the terroirs of the world


What we

want to tell you

News about our cooperative

What we do


ETHIQUABLE will fill your days with moments heavily charged with meaning by discovering the flavours of ingredients that have been grown and transformed fairly.

By making the work of small-scale farming sectors visible, and by supporting, developing, expanding, and creating value through fair remuneration, we are ensuring that agriculture remains in the hands of producers and respects both human and natural ecosystems.

By allowing you to consume consciously and responsibly, we are making you an actor of the ecological and social transition, and we are helping you to take part in making the world fairer and more respectful of cultures and differences.

“Small-scale farming is a viable model as we have the expertise, quality and access to a profitable market”.

“On the East coast, Malagasy farmers are struggling to generate sufficient income from their activity: cash crops benefit large exporters, who control the market via local intermediaries. […] The value creation of cash crops through fair trading therefore improves the food-crop production and the food security of families; there is a real synergy.”

“We, as small growers, are considered for growing, not for making decisions. We don’t want projects in support of poor small growers. We want REAL human rights.”

“Here, the trees are not cut, and we haven’t used pesticides for fifteen years.
There are butterflies, bees, centipedes, and a rich vegetation cover, we respect nature”.

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