What we aim for

ODD 12 Responsible consumption and production


small-scale and organic farming, alongside organisations with strong coperative choices.

Our fair trade ensures a profitable price system and a strong economic impact by improving the income and quality of life of farming families and by giving cooperatives a capacity for investment and action, to support the development of communities.

In the medium term, partner cooperatives will increase their share of value added by acting on the quality, by highlighting what sets their products apart, or by investing in transformation tools.


of power within sectores by promoting the territorial development and empowerment of producers

Producer organisations gain power in commercial sectors through professional capacities, a product expertise, and a reinforced creative and innovative force.
The interests and vision of small growers and fair trade are considered by decision-makers (State, local authorities, etc.) and by society in general, in particular via stronger national fair-trade networks, exchanges between growers or through the support of certification systems managed or co-managed by growers.

ODD 10 Reduced Inequalities
ODD 13 Climate action

We support

the ecological transition by supporting and encouraging agroforestry and agroecological practices which are respectful of living beings

We are helping to invent tomorrow’s economic system to stop climate change. This system has a low carbon footprint, without polluting natural habitats and preserves the animal and plant biodiversity. It doesn’t use non-renewable fossil fuels and enforces recycling, and a circular economy. It promotes social equity and encourages economical consumption, which is nutritionally complete, and which meets real needs without marketing gimmicks.

Ethiquable subsidiaries promote “bio plus”, meaning organic small-scale farming, which is diversified and therefore resilient, autonomous regarding the maintenance of soil fertility or animal feed, as well as being labour-intensive, providing employment and favouring agroecology, agroforestry and cultivated biodiversity practices.

The ecological footprint of our activity is significantly decreased thanks to eco-designed packaging, optimised transport, controlled energy consumption and the company’s daily eco-friendly gestures.

We remain open to new forms of distribution and marketing of products that are in line with reducing our ecological footprint and we are willing to be innovative to keep up with changing consumer demands.

We are developing

the social and cooperative economy by bringing the values of cooperation to life in concrete terms

We are reinventing cooperative relationships between employees, with the partners and stakeholders who surround us, and we are creating the conditions for participation, initiative, and collective intelligence within our cooperative.

The work environment aims for professional growth, encourages staff training, and improves the expertise of each and every person.
Beyond the corporate social responsibility (CSR) frameworks promoted by traditional companies, our way of sustaining cooperative relationships with our clients, suppliers and partners sets us apart. We are playing the cooperation card.
The governance of our cooperative group and the management of our teams encourage participation, creativity, and autonomy, while achieving a good efficiency.

ODD17 Partnerships for the goal