What we do

Discoverer of flavours

We will fill your days with moments heavily charged with meaning

Vivid or soft. Fruity or floral notes. Crunchy or creamy. Full-bodied or vague aromas. Each product has immersed itself in the land it came from. You can discover the flavours of ingredients which have been grown and transformed fairly. By providing you with these more meaningful products, we turn these precious moments into full-flavour experiences.

chocolat grand cru Togo 76%
The Togo 76% has a hint of wood bark on the nose, with a hint of tannin. En bouche, un équilibre de notes fruitées d’amande et de raisin sec et un final pain d’épices.
sugar cane panela Norandino
Producteurs de panela (cane sugar) – cooperative Norandino – Piura – Pérou

Revealer of flavour

We will reconnect you with the essence of your subsistence

Our growers’ reality is demonstrated explicitly. Demanding in terms of transparency, we make the work of small-scale farming sectors visible. Skills are valued through fair pay. Finally, decent work is guaranteed, and we certify the traceability of raw materials.

Cooperator of living things

We secure the future of coming generations of farmersres de paysans

For nearly 20 years, our cooperative has been helping small-scale farming cooperatives by building lasting and local relationships. We invest in infrastructures, by dedicating expert teams on the field, and by sharing knowledge. We increase the autonomy of sectors, by allocating the value and by developing their markets. We support the social transition by opting for a cooperative and egalitarian organisation method. We are also involved in the ecology transition by supporting and encouraging agroforestry and agroecological practices, which respect living beings.

How to use biofertilisers - cooperative FONMSOEAM - Ecuador
How to use biofertilisers – cooperative FONMSOEAM – Ecuador
cooperative team
Working together to make the ecological and social transition a reality.

Incubator in action

We are a cooperative in a cooperative environment

As a fair-trade stakeholder exclusively focussed on producers organised in cooperatives, we naturally organised ourselves into a cooperative. We are present in France, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Sweden… And we are expanding our cooperation network by building relationships with our consumers. By enabling you to consume consciously and responsibly, we are helping you to do your part in making the world a fairer place.